Gentleman Quaint

the personal (life)style blog of one quaint gentleman, and various miscellany

Quaint at work.

Grey cardigan by Gap | Pink oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren | Khakis by Gap | Authentic Original Dock Shoes (Classic Brown Leather) by Sperry Top Sider

Allow me to introduce myself…

I am a man of wealth and taste.🙂

Well… definitely not the former, and maybe the latter. In a quaint and curious way. I hope.

Hello, all! Sorry about the cheese, I’ve never been too good with introductions, heh.

I’ll be using this blog as a catalogue of my personal style, or lifestyle as the case may be. My fashion sense, my favourite things, books and films and music I like, that sort of thing.

Tune in if you’re interested, and remember, bear with me – I’m still feeling my way through this.🙂

– The Quaint Gentleman